Visual Artist Satu Kalliokuusi

Gallery Veranda Viljandi

The Spirits of nature – exhibition in Veranda Galerii Viljandi, Estonia 2017


August 2017


Nature Spirits

Satu Kalliokuusi

AT GALLERY VERANDA in Viljandi was Satu Kalliokuusi’s paintings in various techniques, mostly made with red wine, coffee and Sumi ink and also Birch bark. Exhibition was pondering about the state of nature and about waters invisible powers that we are not always able to appreciate – although healthy and pure nature is the basis of our very existence.

In the opening of the exhibition was also a performance “Rough and Ready ("Tohutud tahud – tahutud tohud”), telling about various aspects of co-existanse of human life and nature. Performance was made together by Satu Kalliokuusi and Viljandi’s very own folk musician Kairi Leivo.

Link to the video: